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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Book Tour + #Giveaway - Under the Sicilian Sky [Daring to Love Again, 1] by Alexia Adams @AlexiaAdamsAuth #contemporary #romance

Under the Sicilian Sky
Daring To Love Again Book 1
Alexia Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Amnesia obliterates a married couple’s shared past in this poignant
second-chance-at-love story.

Matteo Vanni washed up on a Tunisian beach six years ago with no clothes, identity documents, or memories, just a wedding ring to link him to his past. He’s reinvented himself as a wealthy entrepreneur, but
now a knock on the head restores some of his memories, particularly
that his wife Bella is waiting for him in Sicily. But returning to his native land and digging into his mysterious and sudden disappearance could cost this new millionaire everything.

Sheep farmer Bella Vanni has accepted that her presumed-dead husband is long gone, so it’s a huge shock when he knocks on her door and announces his desire to resume their marriage. She can’t trust his
answers on where he’s been or why he left, and she certainly isn’t keen to walk away from the family farm she labored to save. But their mutual passion won’t be denied.

When Matteo’s freedom is threatened, Bella must decide which is most
important to her: everything she’s painstakingly built or a new start on love.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

A former world wanderer, Alexia Adams writes contemporary romance stories that reflect her love of exotic destinations and diverse characters and cultures. She currently lives near Vancouver, Canada
with her husband and four children and dreams of a world without housework. As a flight risk mom, romance is her escape and she can often be found with her nose in a book, pretending she’s somewhere else. 

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Blood Courtesans Boxed Set Release Blitz #Adult #Paranormal #Romance

Title: Blood Courtesans Box Set
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance


Indulge in a darkly decadent and sinfully sensual world. A world where vampires are real, rich and hungry, a world where Blood Courtesans satisfy all their needs. Come, let fangs slip into your throat and awaken you to a whole new life. A boxed set of BRAND NEW stories in this popular series.

Warning: This isn't your momma's vampire romance. It's not Twilight or the Shade, either. It's Blood Courtesans: Luxury, fast cars, adventure, whirlwind romance and cold, hard fangs.

List of Books with Story Blurbs:

Revealed: Violet by Michelle Fox: My target is a vampire with a name fit for a Greek god--Zopyros Persopoulos—and he has the good looks to match. More importantly, he runs Datagenex, and it's his DNA database that will reveal why my blood kills vampires. I just need to get him alone and hack Datagenex's servers without falling into that smoldering gaze of his that makes me feel like I'm on fire. Posing as a blood courtesan is the perfect cover...right up until everything goes wrong.

Exposed: Zoe by Gwen Knight—My sister used to be a blood courtesan. Until they stuffed her full of drugs, drained her dry, and left her for dead. Asher promises he can help me bring justice to those responsible, but in exchange, I need to become his courtesan.

Compelled: Cerise by Rebecca Rivard—I'm the perfect assassin--pretty, professional, emotionless--but I want out. Just as I make plans to disappear, I'm forced to take one more job--go undercover as a blood courtesan and kill a gorgeous blond vampire. But it's a set up, and the only way out is to join forces with my target to find the real villain. The last thing I expect is to fall in love...

Eternity: Abigail by Tami Lund—When I was a blood courtesan, I fell for my vampire lover. He set me free and swore he'd stay away forever, because vampires and humans aren't meant to be together. But now I'm in trouble, and he's the only one who can save me.

Condemned: Bonnie by Julia Mills—It’s now or never - my brother is sentenced to hang for a crime he didn’t commit and it’s up to me to save him. My only hope is renowned attorney, Remy Newman and his price is nonnegotiable -my body and my blood. This is about survival, love or happily ever after or a white picket fence…or is it?

Sacrifice: Olivia by Kristen Strassel—The vampire clan turned me to save me from their enemy. But I'm not automatically a part of the coven--first, I must prove myself as a blood courtesan. I'm assigned to sexy Pierce, who never bought me at auction, but I'll win the ancient vampire's heart with the thing that speaks to him--blood.

Emboldened: Victoria by Ever Coming—Jasper came roaring into my life almost two decades ago when he rescued me from certain death. Now it’s my turn to save the sexy vampire. Only problem is, he doesn’t want my help.

Undone: Missie by Skye Jones— I hate rich people and vampires, so when I meet a drop dead handsome man that is both, I want to despise him. But I need his help and put my principals to one side. What starts out as a way of securing my freedom becomes so much more, and soon I'm in too deep mind, body, and soul.

Concealed: Lexi by Rosalie Redd—I must become a blood courtesan to pay for my life-saving treatments, and my first client is a vampire other courtesans fear. Gavin Morris's voice is sexy as sin, his touch smooth as silk, and his scent mouth-watering. All are enough to die for. I just hope that isn't my fate, literally.

Refrain: Neriza by Susan Griscom—One fateful night changed my life forever, leaving me parentless, penniless, and caring for my ailing sister. Luckily, I have something to barter with that not many people do, and the blood courtesans are very interested in me. My first client turns out to be the man of my dreams, the sexy-as-sin vampire rock star I've lusted after since I was a teen, but he wants nothing to do with me or what I have to offer--and making him accept me may be the only way for me to stay alive.

Relic: Cyra by TL Reeve—I never thought I would need a vampire. But, after my mom steals a priceless artifact from the New Orleans Coven, I become a pawn in their dirty game. In order to survive, I have to do the one thing I promised myself I'd never do.

Participating Authors:
Michelle Fox
Gwen Knight
Kristen Strassel
Rebecca Rivard
Jennifer James
TL Reeve
Julia Mills Author
Tami Lund Author
Skye Jones
Susan M. Griscom
Rosalie Redd
Ever Coming

Buy Links:

EXCERPT  by Susan Griscom

“You’re quite beautiful.”

I glanced down at the light golden carpet my toes dug into, the fire in my cheeks burning as if the sun scorched my face. No one had ever said that to me before. I’d dated a couple of guys over the years, but nothing ever came of them. They hadn’t exactly been what one would consider ideal boyfriend material. One left the day after our first date to join the Army and the other, well, I just never heard from him again after that first date.

“That embarrasses you?”

I nodded.

“No reason to be embarrassed.” He grabbed my hand and led me over to the bed. “Sit down.”

I did as he requested and he sat next to me. This was so strange. Was he just going to bite me and drink my blood without any sort of getting to know me? Things were happening too fast, but there was nothing I could do about it. Per our contract I was obligated to do whatever he wanted me to do.

“Forgive me if this all seems rushed. I don’t have time for formalities tonight. I haven’t fed in over a week and I have a lot of work to do.” He nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck right where I knew my vein throbbed, thanks to my nerves. But he didn’t bite me.

“You smell divine. Like blackberries infused with a dark, red cabernet.”

I’d never been compared to a wine before. I let out a nervous giggle and braced myself for the sting his fangs would surely make, though I had no idea if it would hurt or not.

Instead of biting me, he curled his finger under my chin and turned my face toward his. His lips were thick and invitingly smooth and so close. He ran his tongue over them and then surprised me by skimming his lips over mine. With our gazes locked, he pressed his mouth to mine again, slanting his head and slipping his tongue through my slightly parted lips.

Shoving his hands into my hair, he clutched my head, holding me still while his tongue swept around my mouth, dancing with my own, dominating me, heating my blood, making me desperate for what I only vaguely understood.

I’d been kissed before, but never like this, not the way his tongue stroked mine as if he needed me, as if he couldn’t get enough. He tasted of cinnamon and red wine. The lust inside me boiled hot, thick and intoxicating. My body temperature rose and I was pretty sure I might combust at any minute. My thighs clenched as he made some sort of sexy growling noise. My arms rose up his back and my fingernails raked back down his naked flesh, skimming over the firm and smooth texture.

I forgot about worrying that I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t need to know, everything came as a natural and urgent need. I wanted to be touched everywhere by this man and when his firm warm hand slipped inside the neckline of my dress and cupped my breast, I arched into it. My breath hitched when his fingers squeezed my nipple. Arousal prickled my skin and a slow, hot tingle spurred between my legs.

I wanted to be devoured by him.

Lyric Rivers was everything I’d ever imagined him to be. A heated throb gathered between my thighs. When his other hand slipped up my thigh and squeezed my ass I held my breath. No, I actually couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t wearing panties and now he knew it.

Then, almost as quickly as he started kissing me, he stopped. So abruptly I teetered backwards and had to catch myself with my hands on his shoulders as he stared into my eyes. Was he about to compel me? I didn’t need to be compelled. I wanted him all on my own.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blog Tour - Under His Skin - by S.I. Hayes & J. Haney - Contemporary Romance w/ Erotic Elements

Title: Under His Skin
Author: S.I. Hayes & J. Haney
Genre: Contemporary Romance with Erotic Elements
Publisher: Haney/Hayes


At twenty-six Dorian Gallagher has it all. Money, power, he’s used to fast cars and faster women. He gets what he wants when he wants it. Being put in charge of the build for the Gallagher family’s newest theme park has dropped him in Tennessee. Bored out of his mind he decides to go get some new ink and finds himself face to face with a beautiful woman who doesn’t know his famous last name. Can he charm this dark beauty, or will she just stick him and run?

Charlotte (Charlie) Herrick is a free spirit. She drives a big truck, rides a motorcycle and carries a gun. All while dancing around in the layers of tulle that make up her usual cheek baring tutus. Her life was hers. Until she meets Dorian Gallagher, now she doesn’t know which way is up and life has become something more than just the shop, fishin’ and moonshine. He says he’s just here for the year, so she convinces herself it’s just a fling. Can she stay true to her convictions or will this Amusement Park Prince finally get his princess?

*Trigger Warning- Violence

**Erotic Elements

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud mamma to Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner to Proud Momma Designs, which she runs with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet and sexy, with suspenseful undertones giving her readers something to hold onto.  It’s what she calls Real Life Romance.

S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England, currently living in Ohio. Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or Erotic Romance she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book covers or teasers, to see them check out her web site.

The pair met while working for a previous publisher and became fast friends, their split dynamics and views on life, family and love in general led to the idea of A County Fair Romance and A Sex, Drugs and Rock Romance adding to it Working Class Beauties and soon Kincaid Falls. Along with various Standalone novels. So, keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by, you know just in case.

J Haney Links:
Combined FB Page S.I. Hayes & J. Haney:

S.I. Hayes Links:

Buy Links:
Universal Link:

Copyright © 2018 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Under His Skin


TOMORROW I TURN TWENTY-SIX. With no one around and nothing to do for the occasion I’ve decided that I’m going to treat myself. After scouring the town of Gatlinburg Connor came across The Den, tattoos and piercings. He went through their custom book and promises me that I’ll be happy with the choice. Of course, the way he says it, makes me wonder just what else is going on.

I toss on my jeans and work boots then a black tank and take out my diamond tunnels replacing them with five silver hoops. Three in the left ear and two in the right. My first hole is a ten gauge, followed by a twelve and then a fourteen. Nothing that they can complain about at the office, no matter what I wear. I put on my rings and gel up my dark brown hair and grabbing my Oakley’s I’m ready to go. First stop is the Mercedes-Benz dealer. My custom ordered 2017 GLS in metallic blue is ready for us to pick up. Now I can say good bye to the town car and be in something I’d actually like driving.

“Connor, you ready?” I holler coming out of my room.

“Aren’t I usually?” He metronomes at me. I like the guy but I swear sometimes he has the personality of a sea slug, but eh, he’s been with the family for more than a decade. He’s loyal and knows his shit. Taught me to fight and to be a gentleman. Not that I ever have much use for either skill. I pat his back and we head for the car and start our journey back into Gatlinburg.

Connor drops me off at the car dealership and takes the car back to the rental place while I finalize the paperwork here. The salesman Dick is excited to show me all the bells nad whistles. Like the built in WIFI, back up cams and Bluetooth radio. I smile and nod while he goes on about things I know all about. I mean I did order the shit, didn’t I? After about fifteen minutes of listening to him rapid fire sell me a SUV I already bought, I’ve had enough.

“Hey, Dick? I got it man, I’m buying it, stop tryin’ so fuckin’ hard.”

“Oh, well I- um…”

“Relax. You’ve got the sale, go smoke or something. Sheesh.”

Dick nods and then asks me to follow him to the back for the finalization. It took long enough. It’s already four fifteen, and I have an appointment to keep.


Ten to five and we’re pulling in to the parking lot of the strip mall that houses The Den. We’re about to make a right hand turn when out of nowhere a cherry red Ford F-450 Superduty cuts in front of us! “Fucking asshole!” I scream as Connor slams the breaks and my shoulder gets pulled. Fuck that shit hurts.

The truck just keeps going like they didn’t even see us. I watch as it parks while Connor is looking for a space. Out hops this tiny brunette wearing a fucking tutu! “What the fuck is wrong with people? Have they all lost their ever lovin’ minds?” I shake my head and Connor just laughs parking us.

“Let’s go Mister Sunshine and rainbows.” He urges me to get out of the SUV and I do, heading straight for the tattoo shop.

Walking inside I look around. It’s well-lit and smells clean. That’s a good start then I look over toward the desk and see the back end of a chick, bent down going through her purse. That wouldn’t be an issue except this chickie well she just so happens to be wearing boots and a tutu.

“Are you fucking serious?” I whisper to Connor who just shrugs and pushes me forward. “Aghem.” I clear my throat annoyed. “You know you should really watch where you put that cherry popper of yours.”

She bounces up to look at me. “Excuse me?” She asks.

“I would, but there’s really no excusing lousy driving. You damn near ran us into the meridian in the parking lot.” I point outside. “Missed hitting us by like a breath.”

She looks around, there are two guys sitting with their feet up in the back. She shrugs. “Oops.”

My blood is beginning to boil when I feel Connor grab my forearm.

“She’s the best in town, do you really want to piss her off and have to go to some mediocre joint down the road?”

I grind my teeth as Connor steps up.

“Charlie, wasn’t it?” He purrs. “We are here for you to work, please excuse Mister Gallagher, he’s a… Passionate man.”

“Let me go grab the sketch and see if that’s what the wants.”

Connor nods and I just stand there with my arms crossed. After a couple minutes, she reappears with a large sheet of paper, on it is my Celtic tree of life with the DNA symbol running through the root structure. I take it from her and examine it.

“Yeah, this works.” I answer back looking her over. Her hair is dark, and obviously long as she has it tied up and it’s falling every which way, Florescent pink strands popping out here and there. Her skin is nicely tanned and her eyes are green. A sharp contrast to the black that lines them. Her lips are painted deep purple which makes the silver ball in her labret pop and her ears are gauged, like mine, only larger, with open tunnels and rings threaded through. She’s cute, and tattooed, all five feet two inches of her.

“Did ya fil out your paper work?”

I reach in to my pocket and pull out the need materials. “Sure did. Now am I paying all upfront or per session? I know different parlors have different policies and I didn’t see the answer to that in the fine print.”

“That depends on you, if you want to pay it all up front pay upfront if you want to pay per session, by all means pay per session.”

“Alright, what are we looking at for the total?”

“I’d say based on the coverage, and time it’s going to take, six-fifty even.”

I nod and pull out my wallet, I had figured on a grand or more. Boy was she lowballing. Eh, whatever if she didn’t know what it was worth that’s not my problem, only my gain. I count out the money and hand it to her. “Alright, I’m ready when you are.”

She folds it down, shoving it in her tits and with a wave of her hand motions me toward the back.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Pre-Order Blitz - Mia's Men [The Heiress's Harem, #1] by Lucy Felthouse #reverseharem #erotic #romance

Mia’s Men, Book 1 in a Brand-new Reverse Harem Series by 
Lucy Felthouse, Available for Pre-order Now! 


The Heiress’s Harem: Book One

Mia Harrington’s father just lost his brave battle with cancer. Naturally, she’s devastated. With her mother long-since dead, and no siblings, Mia has a great deal of responsibility to shoulder. She’s also the sole beneficiary of her father’s estate. Or so she thinks.

Unbeknownst to Mia, her father made a change to his will. She can still inherit, but only if she marries a suitable man within twelve months. If she doesn’t, her vile cousin will get everything. Determined not to lose her beloved childhood home, she resolves to find someone that fits the bill. What she isn’t expecting, however, is for that someone to be into sharing women with his best friend. In the meantime, Mia’s friendship with the estate gardener has blossomed into so much more.

She can’t possibly plan to marry one man, while also being involved with two others …or can she?

Pre-order now—coming 23rd January 2018!

(For those of you looking to purchase at non-Amazon retailers, pre-ordering is highly recommended as the book will be going Amazon exclusive shortly after release)

Amazon (universal link):

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves, Hiding in Plain Sight and Mia’s Men (The Heiress’s Harem Book 1). Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free eBook:

Pre-order blitz organised by Writer Marketing Services.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

New Release! Vows: Asian Adventures #3 by Lisabet Sarai #multicultural #erotic #romance

New Release!
Asian Adventures Book 3
Lisabet Sarai 

Contemporary multicultural bisexual erotic romance (X rated)
7,400 words
Smashwords and Amazon KDP 
ISBN: 9781370254026 (Smashwords)
HFN ending

The more you try to release desire, the more attached you become.

Travel brings out a strange recklessness in my wife, a hunger for extremes that I don’t see when we’re in New York. I would never have acted on my desire for male flesh if she hadn’t bullied me into my first homosexual encounter. Not that I regret it. I’ll never forget that incandescent night with the audacious young punk she bought for me in Amsterdam.

Now, she wants us to seduce the achingly beautiful Buddhist monk we’ve met in Luang Prabang. I try to reject her suggestions, to resist temptation. But I can’t banish the images of Souvannaphone— ripe lips curved in a half-smile, brown eyes sparkling with gentle challenge, smooth curves of golden flesh that cry out to be kissed. I yearn for his body—and his serenity.


Dani was still stroking my penis surreptitiously as the boat pulled up to the public dock. “Why don’t we go back to the hotel? We can—talk—about our new friend.” She paid the boatman, and handed me my straw hat, which I used to hide my raging erection as we strolled the few blocks back to our guest house. I barely had time to close the door and slip out of my sandals before Dani was down on her knees in front of me, undoing my fly.

Here in the privacy of our room, I didn’t object. I was painfully hard; it seemed as though the taut skin sheathing my organ would burst at the slightest touch. Danielle squeezed. I could scarcely bear it. She gazed up at me, mischief in her hazel eyes. “Pretend that it’s him, sucking you,” she murmured. Then she swallowed me whole.

Her mouth was a steaming tropical jungle, her muscular tongue a snake twining around me. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to sink into pure sensation.

After five years with me, she knew how to give me what I liked—languorous strokes from base to tip alternating with energetic sucking that must have left her jaw sore, but which brought me to the edge again and again. I filled my mind with images of her: the ginger thatch of her pubis matching the fringe on her head; the slick folds hidden among those curls; her palm-sized breasts with their extravagant nipples; her lively, intelligent, sometimes mocking face. I imagined that she was stroking herself as she worked on me. That might well be true. I remembered her wild, almost inhuman expression when she came.

But as she brought me inexorably closer to orgasm, these images slipped away, though I tried to hold on to them. Instead, I saw a pair of ripe lips curved in a half-smile, brown eyes sparkling with gentle challenge, smooth curves of golden flesh that cried out to be kissed. I imagined bare feet, muscular buttocks, a slim cock rearing like a rod of ivory, hairless and pure. She was broadcasting these images to me, I knew it, but that didn’t help me to resist. My desperate moan was part guilt, part overwhelming arousal. I saw a cloud of saffron-hued fabric drifting down, covering twined limbs, white and honey-colored, and I spilled myself into Danielle’s greedy mouth.

Lisabet Sarai has been addicted to words all her life. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more. Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You’ll find information and excerpts from all Lisabet’s books on her website (, along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (, she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. She’s also on Goodreads and finally, on Twitter. Sign up for her VIP email list here:

Friday, 5 January 2018

Cover Reveal - Broken - by L.M. Mountford

Title: Broken
Series: Broken 0.5
L.M. Mountford
dark romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense

Vickey Romano is the girl with a secret you don't want to bring home to mum.

Beautiful, hunted and on the run, she works a series of temp jobs under fake names and never lets anyone get too close. Until that is, she met Jake. The living definition of dark and dangerous, who tells her almost nothing about himself, keeps a SIG P226 in his bedside table, and can make her go weak-kneed with just a word. 

She knows she should stay away, but this young Sean Bean lookalike has her caught in his web and she'd helpless to resist.

All she can do is hope her past doesn't kill him in the process...

Line up
(all times are EST)

12 pm- OPEN LMMountford (Kristina Simkins PA)
12:30 pm- Candace Candy Dowds Author
1 pm- Sienna Grant
1:30 pm- Lorraine Kolmacic Carey
2 pm- Denise Larkin
2:30 pm- Debbie Fair
3 pm- K.D. K.d. Bloodworth
3:30 pm- Sarah Stein
4 pm- Author K. L Roth (Lori Hoopengardner)
4:30 pm- Lori Hoopengardner
5 pm- T.a. Moorman
5:30 pm- Linny Lawless
6 pm- Iris Sweetwater
6:30 pm- Lindy S. Hudis
7 pm- Lana Campbell
7:30 pm- July Cumming
8 pm- Deausha Kristal (Becky Hensley)
8:30 pm- Chele Pedersen Smith
9 pm- Elizabeth Knox
9:30 pm- R.E. Danielle Author
10 pm- LMMountford & CLOSE (1 hour)

Sneak Peak

Chapter One

“ohhh fuck, Jake! Don’t stop… don’t stop!”
Panting hot lustful breaths as her slender fingers buried themselves in his spiky jet-black hair; Vicky tried to fight back her moans as her lover’s sly tongue parted her folds swivelling deep, Its silky smoothness teasing her senses into delirium. Desperate for more, she opened her legs wider, surrendering herself and opening up to him in the most intimate of ways. ‘Damn him…mmm! How can he be so good at this?’
Within moments he had her crying out, her strength and dignity seemingly forgotten as a fiery serpent spread from his villainous tongue to coil within her belly, heat seeping through her being in a flood of white-hot pleasure. It was so incredibly delicious, she feared she might go insane until - “Oohhhh! There, right there!”
“So do you like it when I lick your clit?" he whispered, his voice reverberating against her most sensitive spot and blowing wisps of air inside her to feed the fires of her desire. The tremors it caused made her buck and writhe against him, deep throaty moans flowing from her parted lips as her eyes squeezing shut against waves delirious pleasure.
"Yesss.. oh fuck! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don- oh my fucking god! I’m gonna cum!” She gasped, her voice trembling as he buried his head between her thighs, eating her with a starving hunger, tongue drinking in her flowing nectar before swirling around her clit. Then he was sucking, checks hollowing, drawing her little bud from the safety of its hood and into sensory overload that had Vicky’s head spinning.
“Look at me angel.”
Her body obeyed.
His eyes gleam up at her from between her thighs. His hot, predatory gaze burning into hers. It was so erotic. So…
“Vicky! Hey, hello? You still with us other there?"
Vicky blinked through her haze to find Erika sitting across the table, waving a dainty but expertly manicured hand tipped with silver and white nails. Angela sat beside her, not saying anything but just that sly little grin pulling at the corner of the fiery redhead’s mouth was enough to assure Vicky that her flatmate new exactly what was going on.
Heat blooming across her face, Vicky Romano dropped her gaze to their table, refusing to meet the other two women’s eyes. Damnit, I did it again. Why do I keep doing this?
Why can’t I get him out of my head?
“Geez Vi, you could make a cherry look pale,” Erika observed, dropping her hand to take a long sip of her sip of her colourful cocktail, draining the glass. “Mmm…that’s good. My usual now Mike” She called to the burly chap behind the bar. Though not exactly their local, they were regulars enough to have a slate and paid off just enough that Mike, the publican, and his staff would let then slide when they wanted a drink but we're having a bad week. Or if the fiery redhead showed off a bit of thigh and asked nicely. “So, who were you thinking about?”
Vicky shuddered. The Crown was a quaint, old fashioned sort of establishment that one would expect to find in a Somerset Village centre rather than the heart of south London. Decorated in dark colours, with oak beams running across the ceiling. a piano in one corner, and a huge old oak bar. A quiet pub where friends could meet and chat after work, but hardly a place to discuss the man in her head, constantly sagging her senseless whenever she closed her eyes. I’m fazing out so often now, it’s a miracle I don’t pass out at any moment.
“Oh I know.” Angela cut in. “It’s him. Right? The guy you were seeing.” The small grin spread into a smile that was surely evil incarnate “The one you’ve been pinning for-”
“Fuck you Bitch!” Vickey rounded, forcing a smile but unable to resist rising to the bait.
The redhead shot a sideways look at Erika and winked. “He’s all she thinks about.”
“Goddamnit! I told you to stop listening to me… Well, um…” Heat was practically radiating off her now. “Just stop listening into my room when I go to bed. Alright!”
“Wish I could Vick. But you’re a screamer, and I live Vicariously.” She laughed as Vicky gave her the finger.
“Isn’t it bad enough you steal my clothes when I’m out? Don’t think I don’t recognise that top you’re flaunting.”
Angela’s smile dropped. “Aww… come on. You know this looks so much cuter on me.”
“Is that you’re idea of an explanation? I know the only reason you want it is so you can show off your tits to every guy who walks by our booth.”
“Exactly.” She gave an exaggerated wiggle that had her already emphasised breasts jiggling within the confines of the plunging halter. “They get a show. And in return, I get my free drink. Isn’t that trade worth you sacrifice?”
“No. I want my top back.” Vicky countered dryly, refusing to back down. She needed to stay on the attack, keep the conversation moving.
“Now? What, you want me to strip off right here? In front of everyone?” She grinned and gestured over her shoulder to a nearby table where a group of lads were clustered around a tallboy. “I know it’s Christmas Vick, but shouldn’t I wait to let one of those lucky guys open his present.”
“Don’t act like you wouldn’t.” Vickey countered. “Anyway, I bet it’s not something half the guys here haven’t opened before.”
“You bitch.” Angela laughed. She was checked, however, by the sudden appearance of a waitress bringing a fresh tray of drinks.
“These are from the gentlemen at table 13.” The waitress explained. A natural head turner with sun-kissed curls and rosy cheeks, she was made all the more noticeable by the little two-piece Santa uniform that showed off plenty of thigh and midriff. When she gestured, not to the group of guys sitting nearby however, but to the opposite side of the club where a forty-something guy with a knot-top was dropping like a mound of suet in a suit, Angela visibly deflated.
“Thanks” she mumbled to the waitress’s retreating back, then pushed the drink over to Vicky. “Ok, bad example. But I-“
Erika looked up, eyes suddenly bright. “Wait-a-minute! You mean that guy, right? The one you said was a marathon man? Looks kinda like a youngish Sean Bean, only with a goatee. Ohhh… he was hot. But didn’t you ditch him last month?”
Thanks Erika.
Immediately aware of both sets of eyes fixing on her, Vickey dropped her gaze down to the drink Angela had passed her. Eyes watering, she refused to let either woman see her cry and instead focused on the bubbles rising up to pop on the murky top of the rum and coke. Had it really only been a month? How can four weeks feel like forty?
And to think, she had been so happy.
It was such a strange idea. Her, Happy. For the first time she had been truly happy.
That was why...
She'd told herself it was time.
That's how it had been with the others. A few dates, that was all. Then she’d end things. No attachments. No teary farewells or goodbyes. No commitment. No emotion. It was the best way. Best for her, and most certainly best for them.
And every time Vicky had been fine with it. They were just men, after all. If necessary, the best parts of them could be replaced by a pair of Triple-As and a trip to the Anne Summer's toy aisle. But with Jake...
It was madness, pure madness, but in the space of a few weeks he had completely consumed her in a way no other man had. Made her feel complete, safe. Happy.
Her eyes began to water. Now, he was gone. And it was her fault.
Sipping the rum, she wiped the tear burning her check away with the side of her hand.
Anglia didn’t buy the act for a second. “What’s with you!”
“What?” Vickey asked, avoiding the redhead’s scrutinising stare.
“What?” She parroted, then arched a long elegant brow. “Come off it Vick. Don’t give us that load of old pony. You never go out with a guy for more than a handful of dates before cutting him out of your life. But this guy comes along and you’re suddenly attached to him at the hip. You sicken us with a routine that would make Shakespeare sick. Then you break up with him out of the blue. Now I have to drag you out by your hair just to get you to come out for a drink on Christmas eve.” Her smirk dropped. “Seriously Vick, what is it about this guy?”
“It’s nothing,”
Angela rolled her eyes. “Really? Because I could have sworn that was The Only Way is Essex you were watching when I came home earlier.”
“I like...”
“You hate soaps.” Erika countered, cutting her off before she could even finish the lie.
“It's entertaining”
“It's shit."
Vicky shot the blonde another glair, but made no effort to defend the program further. A veteran of all things soap, reality and celebrity tv, if Erika said it was crap, then there was no argument.
She sighed and put her glass down, defeated. “It’s nothing. He’s…different.”
“Different?” Angela asked. “Different how?”
Vickey Shrugged. She couldn't explain it. Jake wasn't like other men. Not the kind her friends understood. He was dark and dangerous. Full of that confidence which boarded arrogance, but with that sexy, irresistible bite. Dominating but not overbearing. Scary without terror.
He was a complete enigma. Even to her. “Just…different.”
Erika and Angela shared a look that made Vicky’s belly flip-summersaults. She knew that look.
“So, what does he do?” Erika finally asked, taking a long draw on her cider, watching her across the glass.
Vickey blinked. “I-I don’t know”
“He didn't tell you?” Angela lent forward, scrutinising.
“I never asked.”
“But how come?”
And there it was. The question she dreaded. How could she tell them she was afraid to ask? Afraid of what his answer might be.
Vickey wasn’t a lair. She’d grown up with lairs, came from liars. She’d learnt to lie before she could walk. She was possibly one of the greatest liars who’d ever lived. And she’d seen the hurt they caused. She hated lying. She certainly didn’t want to lie to two of the only true friends she’d ever had. But she'd seen the pistol. Jake never made a big deal about her finding it that time, but it was there. Stashed away in his draw, between a packet of paracetamol and A box of condoms. A Sig Sauer P226. Only certain men carried those.
And known of them worked occupations that made good gossip. Or good, healthy gossip anyway.
“It just never came up.” Vickey just shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant. “But he worked a lot of strange hours and kept himself in shape. Not very toned, but healthy, like he does a lot of running. And his stamina is amazing, so maybe he’s a personal trainer.”
That, at least was a half-truth. She’d never liked those muscle-bound guys. They were so heavy and slow, all show and no bite. Jake had been just her type. Tall and lean, but with muscle in all the right place.
Erika was suddenly bright eyed. “Maybe he’s married”
“Married, and was seeing you on the side.”
“Well where does he live?”
“I don’t really... I know In a tower block. But we only went there a couple of times and I never really paid attention.” Because you were too busy cumming on his hand in the back of a cab.
“He’s married.”
“No. He’s not.”
“Oh Come on Vick, he doesn’t tell you anything about himself, works weird hours, takes you back to a flat that could be anywhere in South London. What about his phone?”
“What about it?”
“Was he on it a lot? Did he ever try and hide it from you or not like you having it?”
“No, Erika. I never asked to use his phone. But he never made a big deal out it or anything? He’s not married so just drop it.” Heat was burning across Vicky’s checks and her nails were starting to hurt from the way she was grasping the edge of the table. “And what does it matter now? It’s over remember, I broke it off. Me!”
“It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Continued Erika, regardless. “You certainly wouldn’t be the first. My mum once met this guy who had a girlfriend and a wife and told them all he drove juggernauts so they wouldn’t-“
“He’s not married!” Vicky snapped, with more certainty than she had any right to have.
The hot ice of her tone immediately had the other woman going quiet, her eyes dropping to stare at her half-empty glass.
Seeing her friend’s hurt look, Vickey immediately regretted being so sharp with her. She hadn’t meant to be, but she couldn’t help it. He wasn’t married, she just knew it. Men lying about their marriage didn’t turn up with the sorts of bruises Jake could sprout overnight. Or look at her the way he had, as if he was looking into her, to the centre of her being. No one had ever looked at her that way before. He couldn’t have been married. He just couldn’t!
Angela nervously cleared her throat. “What did he think about your dad’s breakout?”
“He didn’t know.”
“But…how.” Erika looked up, her surprise evident. “Your dad’s escape from Belmarsh was all over the news.”
“I told him my surname’s Romano. It was my mother’s maiden name.”
“So you never...” Ericka paused, trying to find the words.
Angela interceded. “Told him about your family.”
Vicky snorted “Of course not. God, what do you suggest? Shag him senseless then go “Hey babe, that was wild. Oh by the way, you know that escaped murder who’s been all over the news, that’s my dad.” I’ve heard of some crazy pillow talk but that about takes the biscuit. Then just for kicks I could add “Oh and if the wrong person sees us together, Terrance Daily is likely to cut your cock off and feed you your balls.” She gave a second dry laugh then threw back the remains of the rum and coke, ignoring the way her friends exchanged worried looks at the mention of Daily.
Forty years ago, Terrance Daily, or just Terry to his friends, police interrogators, and Daily Mail readers, had been an infamous enforcer of Freddie Foreman. Five years ago The mail had called him the people's king of London. But, to her, he had always been Uncle Terry.
Just the mention of that name was enough to make her shudder. And then she was their again. In that room. The night cold and crawling over her skin, fingers grasping her chin, sour breath reeking of whisky hissing in her ear “Good Girl, now lie down on the bed and let Uncle Terry see…”
“Jesus! Vickey…Vickey!”
Angela and Erika stood around her, “You’re as white as sheet Vick? What’s wrong? You feeln’ alright?”
“Y-yhea. I’m fine.” Christ, where did that come from. She shock her head, trying to clear the fog, and suddenly all to aware of the sweat clinging to her brow. Hen with a start she realised just about every head in the bar was watching them. Need to get outta here. “Listen… I’ve got to go.”
“Where are you-”
“Are you sure you’re-?”
“Want us to come-?”
“Maybe we should get you checked out-”
She shook them off. “No. No it’s fine.” Grabbing her jacket from the back of the chair, she slung her handbag over a shoulder. “I just need some air. To think. Yeah I need to think and get a bit of air. I’ll go for a walk then catch the tube back to the flat. See you later.” Then she was running, eyes glassy and heart pounding.

I’m L.M. Mountford.

I’m an erotica author, but please don’t judge me by that alone. I’m also trying to break into dark romance, historical action and sci-fi/ fantasy. Honestly, though, I’m interested in anything plot that involves sex and violence. They make up some of the greatest stories in my opinion. A story is like any portrait, it needs to be made up of many colours, but make sure it has these two and you’re bound to be a susses.

When I was in school, I wanted to be an actor. I gave that up after a Final 'E' grade in GCSE Drama. That was a knock as everyone told me I was great. Before that and now, my dream is to be a successful author. I may be an author but I doubt it'll ever be successful, so I largely write for the love and challenge of it.

I wrote my first story when I was 14/15. A fanfiction story that I posted online. I’m something of an anime aficionado you see, and like any little boy, my mind had a tendency to wander. After that, it wasn’t long before I moved into the erotica genre, after all, what is it a boy that age thinks about, and I have been in the genre ever since.

Although I’d never really thought about self-publishing, it occurred to me when I was 21 after running across the kindle section of Amazon and seeing how many short stories had been published and were selling. It was something of an eye-opener. Until then, I’d thought KDP was for novels. Shortly after, I wrote and published Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter. I’d thought that would be the hard part, but after publishing, I came to realise it was only the beginning. Not only that, but I was woefully unprepared.

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